My story of becoming an artist ….

 Hi !!  My name is Meetu. I was born in India to a Hindu religious family. I remember waking up in the mornings to the sounds of vedic chants and mantras. I loved that environment, but like my parents, I wasn’t able to follow the religion blindly. I had a mysterious deep seated longing to know more, to explore the depths and find the ultimate truth. My mind was loaded with questions like- Who am I ? Why am I here? Are there more worlds like this? and so on…

Even as I grew up and did a formal qualification in Civil Engineering, these questions never stopped haunting me. Whatever I did, seemed superficial and meaningless. The only time I found some solace was when I was with my paints and brushes. In those moments, the outer world would fade, the mind would be silent and I would be in a state of flow. I felt guided and guarded.

Eventually, I got married and had everything good in my life- a caring husband, a dream job and two lovely kids. Yet, it all seemed very platonic. There was a constant feeling of something missing. On a quest to find out what that was, I quit my career and took the road to spirituality. Painting became my medium, a daily ritual. I surrendered myself completely to the paints, the brushes, the canvas and off course, the Universe !!!

Since then, a lot of questions have been answered, a lot of revelations have happened in the form of the paintings. This is how universe talks to me. My heart, loaded with immense gratitude, is now addicted to this universal magic that i get to experience every time I sit to paint…and I can’t seem to get enough of it.

I hereby gladly share this magic with you all ….