In Art – I loose myself as well as find myself.

I am a self-taught artist from India, based in Dubai.  Since childhood, I was always fascinated by colors and felt very connected to them. I found companionship in them and greatly explored them on paper, slowly setting them in definite shapes and boundaries. My passion took flair when I got various opportunities to participate and showcase my art at different schools and universities through my educational years. My love for painting continued even as I pursued my Degree in Civil Engineering.

Art has been my constant companion, shouldering me through the ebbs and flow of life. Adoption of yoga, meditation, reiki and Himalayan kriya gave me a different perspective of viewing and admiring the world around me. The age old techniques have provided a mindset to find limitless inspiration in simplest of things. There is an inner zeal to reflect this in the form of my art.

Today I feel blessed that I have this opportunity to work as a full time artist. I continue experimenting with colors, mediums, styles and subjects. I hope to keep exploring myself and the world around me as the eternal journey continues….