“When I came across this exquisite piece of art, I instantly felt connected to it. It emanates a feeling of tranquility and at the same time a depth and wonderness of ocean. It depicts birth of a new woman, that encourages her to be unique, to think beyond and be beautiful in every respect.All these feelings are beautifully captured in this work.

Thanks to my dear friend Meetu, a great artist, an accomplished painter, a truly beautiful person, for giving me such a lovely piece of work. It will always remain close to my heart. Thank you & good luck in all your endeavours!!”

Anuradha Jain

“I have known Meetu for about a few years. I recall our first encounter, a shy girl with bright eyes, winsome smile and a strong gaze. Behind the quiet demeanor is a phenomenal observer of life. Meetu Garg is a gifted artist and her art defies the fact that she has no professional training. I have watched her grow at a pace that is hard to believe. She is truly dedicated and her stunning paintings are a result of her extraordinary attention to details and the finesse that she crafts, and the stunning realism that she evokes in the portraits. We have Meetu’s paintings feature all over the walls of our meditation space at Kevala Foundation and every visitor here admires her glorious paintings and feels I am privileged to receive these glorious depictions from her. I have known many artists all my life, and I have to admit that there are only a few ones that can bring aliveness into the art like the way Meetu depicts. I feel deep gratitude that her art embellishes the walls at Kevala. 

I since recommend her to all my networks across the planet and get themselves a glimpse of our world through the art of Meetu.”

Dr. Pradeep Ullal, Founder & Head, Kevala Foundation





“The piece of art is stunningly beautiful!!! Pure reflection of “Inner peace”. I am so happy with the colour, texture and message in the painting. Meetu, you are truly a wonderful and creative person. I would love to add some more to my collection soon”


“ I was thinking of a special present for my husband’s birthday and had the idea of our family portrait in an art form of paintings so that we can keep with us forever. By chance knowing that Meetu is a great artist so I excitedly asked her to paint this special portrait of our family. It took her around 2 weeks, the result was so impressive and we were blown away with the details and the size of the art!
My husband was so happy receiving it and had kept it in our living room to proudly display. We got so many compliments from everyone said the painting looked beautiful and is even more memorable than the original photo. Meetu is such a brilliant artist and I hope to have more opportunity to keep and  supporting more of her work in the future.”

Kookai Franko